Saturday, May 30, 2009

Social Media Can Help You Solve Any Problem

With the recent news of the Oracle acquisition of Sun Microsystems I'm facing the possibility that I may be soon joining the ranks of the unemployed.

This isn't really the best time to be out looking for a new job, so I decided my backup plan would be to become a social media coach / consultant. I have accounts on Plaxo, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter -- and a few more. I'm surprised by how many of my friends aren't on ANY of these sites. They poo-poo these tools, saying they don't have time for them. They think of Twitter users as narcisists who feel the need to Tweet about which breakfast cereal they eat. "Who cares?" they ask me.

Well, that's where I'll come in and tell them how social media is the next best thing since sliced bread (or at least since email.) I would venture to say ANY problem can be lessened (if not solved) thanks to the use of social media. If you're having a problem, chances are pretty good, someone else has had that problem and can help you with it. And there are just oodles of tools and experts out there -- now easier to find than ever, thanks to the power of the internet.

In my new social media guru capacity, my goal will be to regularly share a social media tip, trick, website, blog, or other cool idea. My first focus will be on how social media can help with finding a job.

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