Thursday, July 9, 2009

What to Name the Business?

My new social media coaching/consulting business is doing quite well! I haven't made any money, of course, but I've been handling my free sample sessions very professionally, getting testimonials, and have three speaking engagements lined up! Yay!

It's really time for me to get business cards and a Website, but before that, I need a name and so I'm soliciting your help! This is a business that helps create a custom social media strategy depending on your need. The target audience are people that are new to social media and don't know where to start.

I made a list of possibilities for a business name and the domain name was already taken for just about everything I came up with. However there were a few that were not yet spoken for.

  • Social Media 101 - Custom Social Media Solutions (
This implies the "getting started" with the 101. Kind of like Social Media for Dummies, but not quite as insulting.
  • Ask Yvette - Social Media Coaching / Consulting (
Since my own first name is unique, I kind of like this one. Yes, I'm copying AskLizRyan. At least I'm using my own name! Of course, people have been pronouncing and spelling my name wrong my whole life, so I'm not sure I want to propagate that same issue to my business...
  • Coach 2.0 - Social Media Coaching / Consulting (
Even though a surprising number of people have not yet heard of "Web 2.0" I think the 2.0 suffix is becoming more and more popular. I hear more and more "2.0" references every day.
  • Coach 2 Point Oh! - Social Media Coaching / Consulting (
This is an attempt to be cute with the "Oh!" at the end...implying one of those lightbulb moments when you finally get it.

  • The Frugal Social Media Coach - Low Cost Strategy - Big Returns (
This doesn't quite have the same ring as "The Frugal Gourmet" but I want to imply that I'd help the client get the best bang for the buck. Let's face it, I am pretty cheap (actually free right now!)

What do you think? I'll get a poll up, but if you have another idea, please comment or send me an email. This baby needs a name!


  1. Social Media 101 is good, as is AskYvette. The 2.0 names might get dated (I've heard Web 3.0 being tossed around).

    Here's a suggestion I'll toss out there: Noob Media - Social Media for Newbies.

    Do you own any of the domain names yet? that might help influence your decision depending on which ones are still available.

    Free samples eh? Do they come in small bottles like the ones you get at the hotel?

  2. I vote for the 101. "Ask Yvette" makes it sound like you know everything, and the others are just too difficult url-wise to memorize.

  3. Hi Yvette! Sorry I won't be able to make your presentation at the Sun Lunch and Learn next week (which is how I found you here, BTW), but I'm glad to hear that your business is going well!

    As for the naming, I think it depends on your target audience. If you're looking at small businesses and startups, then "frugal" might be just what they're looking for. If you're targeting social media newbies, then I like the 101 name. (I'm with you on the hard to spell names, but we can't all be blessed with simple, URL-friendly names. Ahem, Dave Taylor, ahem.)

    One more thing (although at this point I probably should have written an email instead of a comment...) Be sure and check out the next Boulder Open Coffee Club (7/21) - it's a great place to meet other local techies and keep up your geek quotient. :)

    Good luck with the naming (and of course, the business!)

    J. J.


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