Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Love A Freebie - The Frugal Social Media Coach

I took this photo when walking along Pearl Street today. It made me smile! 10 points!

To say I'm frugal is bit of an understatement. When I'm in a financial crisis (as I just happen to be right now) I like to play a game that I made up called SuperFrug! (An alternative name might be "Cheapskate Fun!")

Here is my "SuperFrug" game:

Objective: Have the most fun and spend the least amount of money

Every Day do these things without spending money:

  • Learn something new - 10 points
  • Experience something (person, place, event, etc.) that makes you feel happy. - 10 points
  • Take a picture of something that makes you smile (could be same as above.) - 10 points
  • Do something that brightens someone's day - 10 points
  • Record what you've done (either via blog or private journal) - 10 points

At a loss for what you can learn new? Look no more! Here are 130+ things you can do that will most likely fall into the Learn Something new" category.

Please note: Points are completely worthless, but if it makes you feel better, let me know when you reach 1000 points and I'll send you some kind of brand-spanking new virtual gift.

Ideas of things you can experience for free:
  • Go to a meetup for something your passionate about
  • Exercise: hike, bike, run, swim, etc.
  • Invite someone you meet via FaceBook to coffee (Though I think proper etiquette would be to pay for the coffee, that's a small price for gaining a new friend. If you're really desperate, I suppose you could rob the place, but that would reveal a Go Directly to Jail card and is poor strategy for this game.)
  • Write
  • Read
  • Listen to music (Live bands playing all summer in many locations around Boulder)
  • Go on a picnic (maybe with a new contact?)
  • Play!
  • Enjoy the summer sun
  • Go to free events around town (Check the Yellow Scene for ideas )
Ideas of things you can do to brighten someone's day for free:
  • Comment on someone's blog (if you're at a loss, you can always use mine!)
  • Call or email a friend to let them know what you admire about them
  • Invite someone to go with you on one of your "SuperFrug" adventures
  • Spend 15 minutes catching up with friends via FaceBook or Twitter. Comment so they know you checked out their latest photos, etc.
  • Make a yummy pasta dish or cookies to share with someone
  • Write on your blog about a person you admire (and let him/her know!)
  • Volunteer

And the number one thing you can do, over and over again?


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