Wednesday, October 7, 2009

There IS Such Thing as a Free Lunch!

I can't believe my luck since I've been playing "SuperFrug." A few weeks ago I put one of my new New World Social Media business cards (obtained for only the shipping costs, by the way, from into the fishbowl at the FlatIrons Noodles & Company Restaurant.

I didn't really think much about it until I received an email from Christina Walls, Assistant Manager, entitled "Free Noodles" (the word Free will always get my attention.) The email said:
You have been selected from our fishbowl to participate in what we call our
“Hero Lunch”. You and 5 of your friends/family are invited to Noodles
& Company at Flatirons Marketplace to partake in a free meal on us! We
call it a Hero Lunch because you will be the Hero of all your friends/family
that you treat for lunch or dinner. You will be treated to any dishes that
you might want to try along with any of our tasty soups or salads, drinks and
deserts. You can write me back or give me a call here at Noodles so we can
set you up for a date/time.

Well, being unemployed, and my obsession with frugality, I was elated! Add to that the fact that Noodles is one of my favorite places to eat, and you could say I hit the virtual jackpot! Of course, there were SO many people I wanted to invite to this Noodle party -- all the wonderful, supportive friends that have bought ME lunch and suffered through my penny-pinching ways.

Since the lunch was scheduled for 1:30, a little late for a work lunch, I decided to invite some of my fellow-frugal-friends that were not working (at least not in the traditional sense... where you get paid...) I actually ended up inviting 6 people, thinking we could all chip in and cover at least one meal, but Christina wouldn't hear of it. She very generously told us our whole party of 7 (me and 6 friends) could eat for free.

Now, we're not just talking about a skimpy little token lunch...we're talking LOTS OF DELICIOUS FOOD! A big full meal...drinks, soup, salad, bread -- the works! And then, with no order from us, Christina brings over this big tray of goodies...brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and Rice Crispie treats! When I went to tip Christina and the wait staff, they wouldn't hear of it. "No tips allowed!" they said.

"There's gotta be a catch," I thought. "How can they afford to give away this full meal?" I asked Christina what I could do to thank her for such generosity.

"Spread the word," she said. "We're getting hit by the economy and we need the business."

This was even more impressive to me... Even though this location is hit hard, they are giving away food. Well, you'd better believe that I am spreading the word, and I'll ask all of you to spread it, too. Their food is delicious, their service is wonderful, and best of all... they have big hearts. They deserve all the business they can get.

Help me spread the word:

Eat at Noodles & Company
635A Flatiron Marketplace Broomfield, CO 80021

And tell Christina that she's awesome!
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