Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sun - The Best Place to Work in IT

KUQ = Kiss Up Queen
IT = Information Technology
IBIS = Integrated Business Information Solution

Email to VP of IT, Bob Worrall on Feb.19, 2007, about why SunIT is the Best Place to Work.

Hi Bob,
I just completed Computerworld's survey to determine the 100 Best Places to Work in IT. I can't imagine a better place to work than in IT at Sun. Thank you for all you do to make Sun IT such a wonderful place to work. At the risk of furthering my self-proclaimed KUQy (Kiss Up Queen) reputation, let me tell you the top 10 reasons I love working in SunIT:

10) SunRay@Home - worked out of the box in 5 minutes! And it's fast!

9) Blogging - What a cool way to communicate! Any company that encourages employees to tell the world exactly how they feel has got to be a great place to work. I get a kick out of telling the world how ILoveSun or showing IT how Full of CHIT I am.

8) Fun - Whether it be the Broomfield Tiki Bar, the Holiday Party, the photos on the walls or the liberal holiday decorations, there is usually something fun going on in IT (at least in Broomfield!).

7) Work From Home - The flexibilities of the openWork program are a perk I find invaluable. For the first time in my 22 years of being a working Mom I finally feel like I have the perfect work/life balance.

6) Leadership that puts Values first - I'm very impressed with the focus on values we see at Sun IT. Frequent messages exemplifying values from leaders and the Transformation Team show that our leadership is serious about identifying and focusing on what is most important.

5) Having a boss with a sense of humor - Mega-busy, Colin Carmichael, still takes the time to respond to my KUQy silliness with a response and emoticon that can make my day. When we take the time to smile (or even eSmile) it makes a world of difference.

4) IBIS - I love that I'm a part of this project that will change the way we work. Things are ultra-IBISy these days, making the challenge that much more exciting.

3) Mentoring - The newly announced IT Mentoring program is another program that shows this organization is serious about growth, opportunity, and development.

2) Technology - I've been a computer-addict since my first computer from Radio Shack when I was 10. Getting paid for doing what I love is about as lucky as winning the lottery.

1) People - whether it be via email, conference call, or face-to-face, the people are the number one reason I love my job. There is so much diversity and talent. Every day I get to interact, learn from, and connect with an awesome group of people.

IT can't get any better than this!

Thank you
Yvette, the KUQ :-*

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